Safety Tips for Garage Doors

With the added storage space and covered parking for your car, having a garage attached to your home is excellent! A garage is a lovely addition to a house, but when garage door safety is not followed, it may pose a serious safety risk. Maintaining a garage in good working condition can ensure your family’s safety and the contents of your garage and home. Here are the top 10 tips for garage doors.

Check Door Components

Spend some time checking the parts of your garage door each month to make sure they are functioning correctly. Check the following components: springs, cables, rollers, and pulleys.

Check out auto-reverse

Make sure to check the auto-reverse feature on your garage door to ensure it is functioning. You may quickly check to see if the functionality works correctly by putting a roll of paper towels in the door’s path. If your garage door lacks the auto-reverse option, consider upgrading to one that does—it might save you from dangerous mishaps!

Watch your Fingers!

Fingers caught between door panels can cause severe injuries. Additionally, instruct children to keep their hands and fingers away from garage doors. If you are concerned about children being injured by your garage door, you should consider purchasing one with non-pinch panels.

Be ready for emergencies

Make sure you are familiar with the location of the emergency release function on your garage door if you need to open it fast in case of an accident or emergency. Before it gets urgent, find out. It’s wise to have emergency supplies on hand at all times.

Change the code for your garage door often.

Change the default codes on your garage door opener and remotes often to keep people from opening your garage door without your permission. You could also get a “rolling code” that alters the access code each time it is used.

Exercise Precautions Near Garage Doors

Never approach an opening or closing garage door while it is in motion. Children should be taught not to play about.

Keep the garage door switch out of children’s reach

The key safety advice is to keep your garage door opener out of the wrong hands. Don’t allow small kids to play with remote controls. Keep remote controls out of reach of kids who could locate them and try to play with the buttons.

Don’t Leave the Door Open

Even partially open garage doors can pose a safety and security risk. A partially open garage door can allow unauthorised entry into your garage and home. When the door is reactivated, a person attempting to pass beneath a partially open door could be severely injured if trapped.