26 September 2022

Leave Installing Garage Doors To Coastwide!

Us Aussies love completing projects at home, especially when it comes to saving a bit of coin!
While doing DIY projects can be a great idea, undertaking a large project like installing a Garage Door should be treated like all electrical and plumbing work…
Leave it to the experts, here are 5 reasons why you should let Coastwide Garage Doors take care of your next garage door installation.

1. Warranties

A warranty is the essential part of any product or service purchase, without it, repairs or replacements are completely voided, leaving you with an unnecessary hole in your pocket!
That’s why Coastwide Garage Doors only uses the best garage door suppliers in Australia such as B&D and Steel Line.

In doing so, our garage doors are provided with outstanding, multi-year warranties, giving you the peace of mind that your garage door will last for many years to come!

2. Peace Of Mind

You can’t put a price on a job well done!
Coastwide Garage Doors have over 25 years of experience in garage door installation, servicing, and repairs.
Let our Gold Coast team of expert installers handle the intricacies and requirements of your garage to ensure that your door fits your space with ease and comfort!

3. One Size DOESNT Fit All!

No garage is built the same!

Each opening requires its own design and finish, as well as your requirements as a customer, ensuring the design fits the look of your home.
Coastwide ensures your space is measured and reviewed correctly, guaranteeing that your new garage door is expertly picked and installed to the correct specifications.

You may also require some additional functionalities or upgrades including smart remotes, motors, accessories, and more!

4. Safety

Installing a garage door is no small task, hauling materials, loading springs door bolts, cables, connectors, etc. can all be incredibly difficult to install without the right knowledge and experience.

As the garage is typically one of the main entry points to the home, which is why you should leave the installation of your garage to professionals, to ensure the safety and security of your family, friends, and pets!

The team at Coastwide will ensure your door operates and functions correctly, as well as present you with an outstanding range of finishes that only adds to the aesthetics of your property.

5. Servicing

Once your garage door has been installed, it should be serviced every 12-24 months to verify that your door is running to its full capacity.
If you have installed a garage door yourself, you may run into issues that require basic or extensive repairs in order for your door to operate at its potential.
Contacting Coastwide Garage Doors for your servicing and repairs can save you a lot of headaches!